Enterprise Business Solution

1- Perfect Enterprise Resource Planning System‎ (ERP)

2Perfect Enterprise Resource Planning System (PERPS) is a ‎comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that ‎performs all the operations of an enterprise business management ‎system. It is a multi-language (Arabic & English) application that ‎includes Accounting, Financial, Inventory, Sales, Purchasing, Fixed ‎Assets, Budgeting, and Management tools. Read More

‎‎2- Perfect Accounting & Financial Management System‎‎ ‎

1 Perfect Accounting & Financial Management System (PAFMS) is a ‎complete end-to-end enterprise financial management solution that ‎includes Accounting, Financial, Inventory, Purchasing and Sales ‎applications and POS. It provides core accounting, finance and reporting ‎capabilities that support the requirements of small, medium and large ‎organizations. Read More

3- Perfect Human Resources Management System‎‎ ‎(HR)

9Perfect Human Resources Management System (PHRMS) is a software ‎solution that performs all operations of a Human Resources (HR) and ‎Payroll system. It gives small, medium and large companies, in all ‎industries, the tools needed to manage their most important asset: ‎people. Read More

4- Perfect Customer Relationship Management System‎‎

8Perfect Customer Relationship Management System (PCRMS) is a ‎powerful, easy to use solution for managing customer relationships. It ‎offers companies complete control over the sales pipeline and helps ‎account managers to streamline the sales process from lead-creation ‎to opportunity handling and close, thus allowing better sales ‎management and shorter sales cycles.Read More

5- Perfect Point of Sales System (POS)

ASD POS is a comprehensive Point of Sale (POS) solution for fast-paced, high-volume, multi-site retail operations. Whether you need to manage a single retail location, or face the challenge of tying together dozens of stores with multiple POS registers at each location, ASD POS offers you full integration with your ASD Advantage Series solution.Read More

6- Perfect Asset Management System‎

6Perfect Asset Management System (PAMS) provides valuable insight ‎for all of your enterprise assets, their conditions and work processes, ‎for better planning and control.Read More

7- Perfect Purchasing Management System‎‎ ‎

Perfect Purchasing Management System (PPMS) is an affordable, easy-‎to-use, desktop and web-based procurement software system that ‎can be used to significantly reduce purchasing and related supply ‎chain management costs.Read More

8- Perfect Budgeting System‎ ‎

Perfect Budgeting System (PBS) helps set up your company’s ‎budget with respect to capital, operational, administrative and human ‎resources costs.Read More

9- Perfect Maintenance Management System‎‎

3Perfect Maintenance Management System (PPMS) is a computerized ‎Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) and Preventative ‎Maintenance (PM) software, which automates work orders, scheduled and non-scheduled maintenance for any type of equipment, and helps you run your ‎maintenance department more efficiently. Read More

10- Perfect Mobile Sale System

mobile-statistics-iconIt is the perfect solution for your business, that makes you able to monitor your business from anywhere and at all times from your mobile device (mobile or iPad).Read More


11- Perfect Leasing Management System (Leasing ERP)

leasingPerfect leasing management solution is a suite that manages the entire leasing lifecycle in addition to comprehensive lease-accounting, asset management modules, and CRM system to facilitate and automates operation.  It addresses the entire lease management either capital leasing or operational leasing. It works in synergy with business operations while facilitating interaction between the disparate parties of the leasing process.

12- Perfect Archiving System

archivePerfect Archiving Management System is an integrated system which facilitate document management process from paper based to electronic format and convert it to be stored in oracle database format for easy backup and faster retrieval.

 13-  Perfect Provident Fund Management System (PFMS)

savingsIntegrated software to keep track on the provident fund Investment details etc.
It is basically designed to manage the employees’ internal saving accounts, and the salary deductions per each.
PFMS deals with investments profits/losses and the distribution of these values on employee’s wallets. Then determines balance for each employee, shares of Employee, organization share, then profits/losses per each.
This is a perfect way to manage the financial reports for each employee and improve visibility on Provident fund aspects.