Mohammad Ewaida Betawi

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Founder of ‎Al-Andalus Software Development.

Mr. Ewaida has an extensive experience ‎in Information Technology project management and business system ‎analyses and design. He has worked for five years as a Lecturer in the ‎Computer Science Department at Berziet University

The past 15 years have been invested in establishing and managing Scope, ‎which has become a leading product and export-oriented software ‎development house, with special focus on providing telecommunications, ‎buildings, insurance, enterprise, and medical IT solutions to the Middle ‎Eastern and African markets.
Mr. Ewaida has an MSc and an MPhil degree in Computer Science from ‎the University of Keele, UK.‎

Mohammad Hamarsheh

Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and co-founder of Al-‎Andalus Software Development.

Mr. Hamarsheh has an extensive experience in ‎Information Systems software development and design, and has worked ‎for the last 7 years as a part time IT consultant to the ITCC of Al-Quds ‎University.

Hamarsheh also instructed Computer Science at BerZiet University for 5 ‎years, and is Microsoft Certified System Developer (MCSD) and Microsoft ‎Certified Trainer (MCT).‎‎

Mr. Hamarsheh has an MSc and an MPhil degree in Computer Science ‎from the University of Keele, UK.‎